Tips to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

Posted on: September 16, 2018

Criminal minds are evolving alongside the technology designed to stop them. When gas stations took imprints of credit cards through their sliding mechanism, criminals mastered it. As soon as people took their shopping online, duplicity escalated. Chip technology? No problem for the money-thirsty rapscallion.

There is an excellent chance you are a victim of credit card fraud and will never know until it is too late — here is how to protect yourself, and why an astute credit card fraud attorney may reverse your credit card curse.

RFID-proof wallets are suggested

Handy little doodads

Videos are surfacing on social media depicting a wireless credit card reader capable of processing a transaction – while the card is still inside your wallet. Simply hold a small wireless reader next to someone’s billfold, and the Wi-Fi signal will process the first card it finds.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is how thieves are stealing credit card information. RFID-blocking wallets, purses and similar attaches are sprouting up to assist consumers in keeping their financial goods protected. They range in price but are worthy investments.

Shop on trusted websites only

The more secure, the better

The websites you shop may contribute to information being hijacked and sold on black market sites. This fact is illuminated by the Equifax Data Breach and is driven home by the numerous unsecured shopping sites luring unsuspecting consumers to their financial demise.

Trust only sites utilizing https: – this signifies "secured." Trusted sites will also display a tiny padlock in the upper left part of your search bar. If possible, enable "Secured by Visa/MasterCard," which is free for holders of those branded cards; this way, you are held harmless should anyone hijack your cards.

Should anything happen, located and retain a respectable credit card fraud attorney to recover losses.

Remove personal information from computer

It is easy to harvest that stuff

All those notes and papers you scanned years ago may still exist on your hard drive. Without further ado, delete these papers forever. Verify their deletion by taking your PC to Geek Squad at Best Buy or a smaller local outfit; they’ll erase your information forever.

Also, delete cookies stored on your computer. These will track where you shopped, saved passwords, stored credit cards – you name it. This information is low-hanging fruit for criminals who will then sell this information for top dollar.

Credit card fraud will continue evolving

…And you must evolve with it

As technology finds ways to apprehend credit card shysters, those very criminals will continue thwarting technological advances by whatever means necessary.

Protecting credit card information is not only mandatory during an era where banks are pushing people out of their branches and into their apps, but because credit cards are used to circumvent evil throughout the world. Do your part by shielding your information, never using regular wallets again and be wary of where you are spending that hard earn money – or some stranger will gladly spend it for you.

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