What You Should Know About Your Second Amendment Gun Rights

In April 2018, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy signed a bill banning bump stocks, trigger cranks, binary triggers, and essentially any part or device causing repeated trigger-function. As a result, gun owners must either get rid of or destroy these devices, … Continued

Drug Crimes and Drug Possession: Understanding the Differences

The State of Connecticut aggressively prosecutes drug crimes, namely the possession, sale, distribution, and manufacturing of any drug and a controlled substance. As a result, a conviction in the state of Connecticut can result in strict penalties with long-lasting or … Continued

What You Should Do if You Have a Traffic Collision

When a traffic collision happens, injuries may be severe, property damage can be extensive, and emotions will run high. However, it is essential that you keep a level head and take these six steps after a traffic collision in New … Continued

Connecticut Worker’s Compensation Settlements

If you are injured on the job, wading through state worker’s compensation laws in Connecticut regarding your entitlement to compensation can be a complicated process. You want to make sure you receive a settlement that will cover your expenses, provide … Continued

Four Important Questions to Ask During Your Legal Consultation

Arriving at your first legal consultation can be a huge relief, while also being incredibly stressful.  Now that you have the appointment, what are you going to say?  What are you going to ask?  Do you know the right questions … Continued

Breaking Down the Elements of What Credit Card Fraud Really Is

Many have heard the word "fraud" before, but probably don't know how wide the category is for crimes that appear very different in nature.  How can employee embezzlement and using a stolen credit card be similar?  They are similar because … Continued

What is Considered Fraud in Connecticut?

These days technology is getting more and more advanced, which means fraud is becoming even easier to commit.  Technology allows millions of bits of personal information to cross cities, states, and continents.   Information has never been as accessible as it … Continued

How to Build Your Defense to Embezzlement in New Haven

Embezzlement is a term you have probably read in the newspaper or heard on a crime drama on television, but few know what the crime actually entails.  It is actually a fairly common form of white-collar crime, which is taken … Continued

Tips to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

Criminal minds are evolving alongside the technology designed to stop them. When gas stations took imprints of credit cards through their sliding mechanism, criminals mastered it. As soon as people took their shopping online, duplicity escalated. Chip technology? No problem … Continued

Current Marijuana Possession Law and Marijuana DUIs

While it is currently illegal in Connecticut to enjoy the pleasures of marijuana, there are still several bills that may pass legislation which could change that fairly quickly. Today’s marijuana possession law allows Connecticut folks little leeway to get high … Continued