What Should I Do If I’ve Been Charged With DUI?

In Connecticut, a conviction on a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) (also known as driving while intoxicated, or DWI) carries potentially life-altering consequences. Aside from at least a temporary loss of driving privileges, even a first-time conviction may […] Continue Reading

Drug Defense Law Firm – Commonly Asked Questions

Connecticut criminal charges for possession of illegal drugs are extremely serious. There are numerous laws on the books and many substances – including marijuana over a minimal amount – remain illegal to use recreationally.While some mandatory minimums for non-violent drug […] Continue Reading

Our Drug Defense Lawyers provide dedicated and effective representation.

A conviction or guilty plea on charges of possession or distribution of an illegal controlled substance can have life-changing consequences. If you have been charged with any type of drug crime, it is important to have experienced and knowledgeable legal […] Continue Reading

The Stamford Christmas Eve Fire Lawsuit

What is the basis of the lawsuit filed against the city of Stamford in the Christmas Eve fire case? The estates of the deceased children have brought a suit against the contractors involved in the renovation of the home that […] Continue Reading

The Department of Justice Under Jeff Sessions

The Department of Justice Under Jeff Sessions Staying up to date on current events and legal matters are crucial in this day and age.  The attorneys at Knight & Cerritelli, LLC are not only experienced criminal defense and personal injury […] Continue Reading

An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help You

Going through life's repetitive routine, you wake up each day, you go to work, eat lunch, go to the meeting, drive home in traffic, etc., repeat it the next day. The difference is that on this day, you sustain an […] Continue Reading

Protesting: Rights and Restrictions

The New Haven based firm of Knight & Cerritelli, LLC recognize that the right to join with other people to protest and/ or assemble is enshrined in the US Constitution’s First Amendment guarantees of Freedom of speech and freedom of […] Continue Reading

Why It Is Better to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer Than Negotiate on Your Own

After being in an accident, many victims wonder if they should hire a car accident lawyer or negotiate with the insurance company directly. This is a normal and understandable question to ask, especially if the victim has a good relationship […] Continue Reading

A Criminal Defense Attorney in New Haven on Self-Defense

If arrested and accused of battery, you need a criminal defense attorney in New Haven. We recommend calling our office and asking for help right away. Facing accusations of a crime is a matter that one must take very seriously. […] Continue Reading

What is the difference between a commutation and a pardon?

What is the difference between a commutation and a pardon? A commutation reduces or eliminates a sentence it does not change the fact of conviction and it is not an exoneration in the sense that it is equivalent to a […] Continue Reading