Immunity and Michael Flynn

What is immunity? We've all heard of the right to remain silent or “taking the Fifth”—essentially refusing to answer questions because the answers may be incriminating. This right –to refuse to answer questions- is guaranteed under the Fifth Amendment to […] Continue Reading

How the Connecticut Courts are Handling the Opioid Crisis:

1. How has the opioids crisis affected individuals in Connecticut? The opioid crisis has hit every state in the country and Connecticut is no exception. The statistics are very disheartening whether you live in New Haven, Meriden, Middletown, New London, […] Continue Reading

Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Attorney

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Time is of the Essence When Calling a DUI Attorney

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Information from a Criminal Defense Attorney on How Cases Start

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When to Call a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

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Drug Defense Lawyers Explain Sentencing and Why You Need an Attorney on Your Side

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A Criminal Attorney Explains the Process from Arrest to Appeal

Hiring a criminal attorney after an arrest is in the individual's best interest since it gives the individual a stronger chance in court. Even if a jury finds an individual guilty, an attorney can work on the individual's behalf to […] Continue Reading

Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney About Your Boating Accident

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Protecting Your Rights: Information from a Criminal Attorney

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