Credit Card Fraud – What to Expect in the Courtroom

It may seem alluring to use someone else’s credit in order to obtain goods and services, however, it is a serious crime in Connecticut.  Legally, fraud involves acts of dishonesty and/or intentional misrepresentation or deception. There are several different types … Continued

Worker’s Compensation – Potential Awards and Settlements

  If you injured yourself while performing duties due to your employment, i.e. while at the workplace, driving as a condition of employment, etc., you may be entitled to a variety of benefits under Connecticut law while you are pursuing your … Continued

Using Your Permitted Pistol for Self Defense: Castle Doctrine

In Connecticut, there are different statutes for self-defense using deadly force and self-defense using ordinary force. The right to use self-defense also depends on whether the individual is protecting themselves in their business or residence. A gun rights attorney is … Continued

What is Larceny and What Happens if I am Charged with It??

There are several degrees of larceny that fall under either a misdemeanor or a felony. Depending on the amount of the item that is stolen, or the amount of money taken will classify the crime into one of these degrees. … Continued

Reasons You May Need a Legal Consultation in New Haven, CT

Our everyday interactions and transactions are governed by the law in some way, but, it is not always necessary to get a legal consultation before buying a car or hiring an electrician.  However, there are some situations where obtaining a … Continued

Tips When Speaking to a Criminal Defense Attorney at Law

You probably are not talking to a criminal defense attorney at law because you are at a dinner party, odds are you were arrested or could be arrested and need to know your rights and what to do.  Your criminal … Continued

Why Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

In need of a workers' compensation attorney? workers' compensation is a type of insurance that gives employees who have been injured on the job the compensation they deserve for any injuries sustained. If you received an injury while at work … Continued

Protect Yourself with a Firearms Rights Attorney

A firearms rights attorney can help you when you find yourself in a position in which you need your Second Amendment rights protected. The Second Amendment is part of constitutional law and states that individuals have the right to keep … Continued

Property Crime Lawyer in New Haven, Connecticut

In Connecticut, an individual is guilty of the property crime known formally as larceny (and less formally as “theft”) if he or she, without the use of violence, takes another person’s property without consent and with the intent to permanently … Continued

Computer Crime Lawyer in New Haven, Connecticut

 Once the subject of espionage novels, reports of worldwide infections by computer viruses, huge private data breaches and sophisticated hacking incidents have become part of Americans’ daily reality. With the widespread dependence of critical functions on information technology and systems, … Continued